Whitelist Mint: July 3th 18:00 UTC
Public Mint: July 4st 18:00 UTC


We are building a

furniture brand

  • A membership based project, with 2,222 Maker cards
  • A partnership with Jaune Fabrique to co-create an IRL piece of furniture
  • A secondary drop with award winning designers
  • The first decentralised furniture brand

Maker cards

A Maker card is an exclusive membership card to The Metamakers furniture company.

Holding a Maker Card will make its owner a member of our community and a decision-maker in the future furniture making DAO.

Each card in the 2,222 collection will be randomly generated and noticeably feature 3 core components:

  • 🛠 The Maker
    A randomly generated Maker based on a combinaison of body traits, tools and accessories.
  • 🖼 The Background
    Representing the various spaces where Makers get work done: i.e. workshops, studios, gallery, fablabs.
  • ⭐️ The RarityScore
    To help you easily recognize when you’re holding a gem!

The Team

Paris Based Team